Your Search for the Perfect Pork Knuckle Frankfurts Ends Here

When making delicious homemade frankfurter sausages, the type of pork knuckle meat you choose makes a big difference in the final flavor and texture. This article examines the ideal cuts of pork knuckle for frankfurters, along with preparation and cooking tips.

The traditional pork variety used for Frankfurt sausages is fresh young pork, specifically the hind knuckle or hock. Pork hock knuckle offers:

• Strong pork flavor. The hind leg muscles of young pigs are highly marbled and aromatic, delivering intense porky notes in frankfurter sausages.

• Intermuscular fat. The connective tissues and sinews surrounding the hind leg muscles contain fat that helps to uniformly bind the sausage filling and bastes the meat during cooking.

• Moisture. The higher water content of young pork hock meat lends juiciness and tenderness to the finished frankfurter sausages.

• Affordability. Pork hock knuckle is a relatively economical cut of meat.

When selecting pork hock knuckle for frankfurters, look for meat that is:

• Young, from pigs under 6 months old – Their pork will have a milder flavor and more tender texture.

• Fresh, not previously frozen – This ensures the best quality and fresh pork taste in your sausages.

• Well marbled with intramuscular fat – At least 10-15% intramuscular fat for optimal juiciness and flavor retention during cooking.

To properly prepare pork hock knuckle for frankfurters:

• Trim excess fascia, sinew and large glands from the meat.

• Cut the meat into small chunks or cubes, about 1/2 to 1 inch. This allows for thorough mixing with the other sausage ingredients.

• Place the cut pork in a brine of salt, spices and optional curing salt for 8-12 hours before grinding. This adds flavor and helps bind the sausage meat.

Other potential cuts for frankfurter sausages include:

• Shoulder – Provides high fat content and strong pork flavor but tends to be slightly tougher. Needs extra trimming and time in the brine.

• Neck – Inexpensive and highly marbled but the stronger flavored meat requires balancing with additional seasoning.

• Butt – Moderate fat levels and tender texture but lacks the intense porky taste of hock meat.

Regardless of the cut, aim for pork with sufficient fat to help bind the sausage filling and plenty of intense pork flavor to come through in the finished frankfurters.

In summary, young pork hock knuckles provide the ideal combination of porky flavor, moisture from its higher water content and intermuscular fat to produce juicy, flavorful homemade frankfurter sausages. By carefully selecting, preparing and brining the pork hock meat as outlined, you can make outstanding frankfurters with an authentic German flavor using this traditional favorite cut of pork knuckle.


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