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I'm Sophia, a cooking enthusiast. I love to cook and experiment with new recipes. I'm always looking for new ways to make my food more interesting and flavorful. I also enjoy baking, and I have a special interest in pastry making. I'm always up for trying new things in the...

DeliFo’s introduction

We’re a team of passionate home cooks who love to share our tips and recipes with the world. We believe that cooking is an art form that anyone can learn, and we’re here to help you do just that. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we’ve got something for you. So come on in and explore the world of DeliFo!

About Sophia – Author at DeliFo

Sophia is a passionate cook who loves to explore new recipes and experiment with different flavors. Her passion for food has led her to become an avid baker and blogger, sharing her delicious creations with others. She loves the creative process of making something unique out of everyday ingredients and always strives to make the best dishes possible.

Cooking brings her joy, and she is constantly learning new techniques in order to improve her skillset. When she’s not in the kitchen baking up something special, you’ll find her exploring local farmers markets or trying out a new restaurant dish. Her goal is to share her love of cooking with others through blog posts and online classes that demonstrate simple yet delicious recipes anyone can recreate at home.

Editorial Guidelines at DeliFo

DeliFo is devoted to providing readers with delectable, trustworthy, relevant, and fascinating food and nutrition articles. We seek for specialists and authority for all of our articles and recipes, whether it be a registered dietitian who can decipher the latest nutrition research or a culinary expert who can explain a cooking method for home chefs. There are several types of expertise, and we use all of them. Our editorial team edits and oversees every one of our articles, meal plans, recipes, images, and drawings.

Independence and Objectiveness

DeliFo is devoted to objective, independent journalism. Our editorial material is independent of any influence from marketers. Every member of the DeliFo team and contributor is held to a high level of honesty and openness.

We strictly separate commercial material from editorial content. Our “Sponsored Content” is labeled to indicate that it is supplied by an advertiser or sponsor or on their behalf.

All of our writers and editors are accountable for revealing any possible conflicts of interest, including any financial or personal relationships with any source or resource that might impair their capacity to offer unbiased reporting. As with numerous other publications, our authors and editors sometimes get free items or services for review reasons. We are upfront and reveal when our editorial teams get valued items or services. Our editorial staff and contributors are prohibited from soliciting gifts or services for personal use.


Our authors and editors adhere to stringent article citation requirements. We depend on credible and current original sources, such as interviews with experts, government bodies, and professional and academic institutions. Each data item, fact, and assertion is supported by at least one credible source.

We highly discourage the use of anonymous or unidentified sources, since this may undermine openness and reader confidence. In the rare event that we employ an anonymous source, we will identify the reason for the anonymity and offer important context.


Our mission at DeliFo is to produce unique, factual, and impartial material. All information must be verified, correctly credited, and must not violate the copyright or the intellectual property rights of any third party. Any suspicion of plagiarism is thoroughly examined and grounds for dismissal.


The material of DeliFo is kept to the highest journalistic standards in order to serve our users most effectively. Our professional staff of editors, copy editors, and fact-checkers examines every article to ensure that the material is presented properly and in a manner that is courteous and inclusive of all individuals. We scrutinize each assertion of fact, analyze every quotation and statistic, and work with subject-matter experts to ensure that the material in our articles is accurate, exhaustive, and correctly cited.

We are pretty pleased with the quality of our DeliFo articles. Our authors provide compelling, independent content. Send us an email at lostman2502@gmail.com if you see an article that you believe need editing.

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